Procedures for a parent failing to collect a child and for missing children

Paragraph 3.73 says that providers must provide parents with details of policies and procedures, including the:

… procedure to be followed in the event of a parent and/or carer failing to collect a child at the appointed time, or in the event of a child going missing at, or away from, the setting.

-Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (2014)

Procedure If a Child Is Not Collected

Even very young children learn our routine and know when their parents are due. They can become distressed if you are late.

If a child is not collected and we have had no contact from the parent after the designated time for the child to be collected, we will try calling the parents’ contact numbers. After 30 minutes we will try the emergency contact numbers.

During this time, we will continue to safely look after the child.

We will continue to try the parents’ contact numbers and emergency numbers, but after one hour from the original agreed collection time if we have had no contact and no explanation, we will then tell the local authority duty social worker and seek their advice.

If you are stuck in traffic (which can be unpredictable!) and are unable to call us we would ask for a text message to confirm you are still on your way (Some parents have a template message stored in their phone so they can send with just a couple of clicks). Please use 07954 160118

Procedure If a Child Is Lost or Goes Missing

We will safely supervise children when we go on outings or trips. We will teach the children about safety when we are out and about. All children will learn about how to keep themselves safe and we have a variety of approaches to ensure that the children do not wander too far.  Children will learn how to prevent themselves becoming lost and we will carry out headcounts regularly. All staff will be trained in the importance of knowing where all the children are at all times.

We carry out a risk assessments for each specific day camp that we visit.

We carry electronic records of containing the personal and medical details of all children in our care in case of emergency.

In the unlikely event of a child going missing, we will tell the police and search the area. Will contact the parents and Ofsted.