Emergency evacuation procedure

EYFS providers are required by section 3.55 of the framework to have an emergency evacuation procedure.

-Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (2014)

In the event of an emergency we will contact the emergency services as appropriate. The children not involved in any emergency will be kept apart and in a safe place as appropriate to the situation. Should a child need evacuating to hospital we will inform the emergency services of our exact location. Should all children need evacuating from a location we will calmly lead them to a safe place where they can be collected.

We have a specific emergency evacuation plan for each of our sites and camp locations that we use as part of our ongoing Risk-Benefit Analysis procedures.

Each emergency evacuation plan contains details to enable emergency services to reach us including the address of the nearest road access and GPS coordinates of the location itself.

The emergency evacuation plans are kept in the first aid pack in a waterproof folder.