Please record any accidents or near misses on the form below.

Please include as much detail as is appropriate in case we need to follow up on it. Please inform the parents or carers if anyone got hurt.

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995)

RIDDOR regulations impose a duty on all employers/self employed persons to report work related accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the Health and Safety Executive, or the relevant department at the local authority. Employers must ensure all their staff are aware of the reporting procedures.

Reportable events:


Major injuries

Over 7-day injuries (the injured employee is unable to work due to the injury for more than 7 days)

Injuries to members of the public – this includes children and parents – where they are taken to hospital

Work related diseases

Dangerous occurrences – where there is no-one injured but someone could have been

In a forest school provision these may include such things as:

Staff member injures back from lifting equipment and is off work for two weeks

Child falls from tree and sustains head injury so is taken to hospital

A tree falls down